ID: 187000033
Wings of The Circle
icon Wings
Archdaeva only
Recommended Level 50
Available at level Soldier, Rank 7
Amplification Available
Unstorable in Account Warehouse
Unstorable in Legion Warehouse
Legion Tradeable
Can only be used once to remodel appearance

Flight Time
Maximum HP
Strike Resist
Strike Fortitude
Soar Speed

Enchantment Level 0/15
Augment Level (0/1)
Effect on stage 1
Maximum HP
Maximum MP
Atk Speed

A set of wings awarded to distinguished members of The Circle.
Buy price: 5 kinah
Sell price: 1 kinah
- Circle Token
Breaktrough skills:
- Siel's Aetheric Mastery
- Healing Aura
- Siel's Piercing Wrath
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Quantity: 1x
Enchantment: 19
Temperance: 0

3,000 Credits

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